Technological advances are a big part of our everyday lives and with them, our commodities have also increased. They simplify daily work whether it’s manual routine office work or technical integrated processes. However, with such technological developments there is always counterparts and fraud. Managing communications is difficult for any business regardless of size or industry. Indeed, OTTs and Enterprises are now more aware than ever of scamming and fraudulent schemes, which they are managing via SMS verification services.

Introducing our B-Pal!

B-Pal SMS Management Platform, is a multi functional platform for comprehensive SMS traffic management which equips telecom carriers and service providers with a capability to provide their customers with a full range of SMS transit and SMS retail . B-Pal opens the door for multiple SMS benefits supporting various businesses including SMS for transactions, promotions, OTT management, Peer-to-Peer, 2-way messaging, and other ideal services.

SMS hubs are operating in a highly competitive and challenging market. An SMS platform that can support an all in one feature will increase its worth. Moreover, SMS hubs are shifting to unified multi functional platforms, which can support & assist in operating and maintaining their SMS business.

How can B-Pal support SMS Hubs in operating, monetizing, and managing their SMS business?

B-Pal SMS Management Platform is all about keeping the SMS originated from OTTs, Enterprises, users, and advertisers on a safe and secure platform via multiple advanced features. In fact, It allows SMS hubs to manage and terminate messages originating from its source in bulk if working on marketing or advertising campaigns, for giant OTTs or banking firms etc.

The main key multi-functional features of B-Pal, which can support SMS hubs are:

  • Commitment tracking tool for MNO monetization.
  • Dynamic automated routing.
  • HLR/MNP service providers connection & integration with routing.
  • Content and message translation & management.
  • Multiple currency platform.
  • Billing module: enabling rate import, automated periodic invoicing generation, payment reconciliation, etc.
  • CDR Mediation Module, including dynamic and various type of reporting.
  • Customer user interface: providing end users with a capability to implement their own SMS campaigns, review reports, purchase online packages etc.
  • Two- Way hubbing and messaging.
  • Unifying multiple companies.
  • Integration with third party systems.

B-Pal and SMS Gateways !

Operating in a safe and secure environment is the key to any business success. Indeed, these Gateways often face many issues with the unique protocols provided by various SMS hubs, making its function even more difficult.

With that in mind, B-Pal is designed for:

  • Wholesale international carriers eager to terminate international and domestic SMS traffic with other service providers and carriers.
  • Retail carriers and service providers willing to provide their clients with a possibility to send SMS.

B-Pal can be easily integrated with any SMS gateway. From solving connectivity issues, billing, monitoring, monetizing, and routing. The platform is able to solve all the major and minor issues of the SMS gateways.

Why B-Pal?!

Simply because of its flexibility, accuracy and safety!
B-Pal can give your SMS business a boost. B-Pal “superpowers” can automate your operations and help monitor your SMS traffic. The major aim is safety and security. This aim is achieved successfully on the platform along with add-ons features:

  • SMS Business Management Automation.
  • B-Pal portal allowing users to integrate or handle their SMS campaigns, sending alerts & notification.
  • SMS Reseller Plugin, allowing SMS hubs to provide a white-labelled platform for local and international resellers supporting various features for resellers and end users.

Extend your enterprise reach by engaging and interacting with consumers across various geographies with B-Pal. This powerful messaging service includes unparalleled reach, quality, availability, and local expertise; so you can easily support business needs, have a wide reach and accelerate time to revenue.