Wholesale and retail SMS hubbing platform

Reliable Billing, Advanced Routing and Multiple Gateway connections

Our messaging platform is designed while keeping various business requirements in mind. Its plug and play modules accommodate multiple use cases, and its distributed approach eliminates the binding of purchasing all the modules in one go. Business entities can opt for relevant modules customized as per their business requirements.


Two way messaging with advanced routing capability based on origination or termination

LCR Engine

Increased profitability with advanced LCR based routing and loss protection mechanism

Billing and Routing

Country-wise flat or network operator-based billing (MCC/MNC) configuration with rate management

Web Panel

Bulk file upload (CSV, Excel) and advanced contact management


Detailed analytics with business insight to measure performance of upstream gateway and inbound traffic


Custom reports based on multiple parameters, selected date ranges and various data profiles


Innovative monitoring module with advanced PDU logger and dynamic verbosity parameter

Developer API

Advanced RESTful APIs for secure message termination and interaction with various application end-points.


A team of experienced engineers, developers, and research analysts with expertise in developing messaging applications


An in-house built platform with endless scope of customization and with no 3rd party dependencies


Low cost of ownership resulting from the capability to run on Open Source technologies


High Throughput

Handle more than 10 thousand transactions per second on a single box with quad core processor

Dynamic Routing

Create routing rules on the fly to dynamically change the routing logic of the traffic

On The Fly Session

Configure any SMPP SMS route/gateway on the fly without restarting any of your services

Custom Throttling

Apply custom throttling judiciously for inbound and outbound traffic for optimum performance

Protocol Adapter

Route your incoming HTTP/SMPP traffic over upstream SMPP or HTTP connector without any difficulty

Adaptive routing

Configure DLR-based adaptive routing rules for priority customers to ensure timely delivery

Robust and scalable architecture with integrated billing and routing
Our distributed design pattern and architecture helps you scale out your business and SMPP based SMS traffic without any hurdle. While adding additional resource and capability, you can also implement HA (High availability) architecture to enhance redundancy of your system. Our architecture is fully compliant to work over any telco VPN.

B-Pal's SAAS Cloud Model

More than 10,000 transactions per second

B-Pal’s architecture is designed for large scale simulation that range from 10,000 transactions to more than 25,000 transactions per second. We have a team of experienced solution architects and engineers who can attend to any customer requirement. Our NOC team is always ready to ensure high availability, and our qualified DBAs can further implement distributed database read/write DB operations over proxy.

Business Advantage

  •   Wholesale and retail SMS hubbing platform
  •   MO/MT model for A2P and P2A SMS
  •   Bulk SMS Campaigns with Database integration
  •   REST API optimized for OTP
  •   Messaging platform for stock and surveys
  •   Transactional, Marketing & Promotional SMS
  •   Optimize for Banking and Finance sector
  •   Web-Based Administration
  •   Content Filter and SPAM control
  •   Reseller Management
  •   Reseller White Labelling
  •   Add-on Plugins for Missed call and Voice SMS 

Application Security

  •    TLS/SSL based SMPP Server
  •    2F Authentication
  •   Role-Based Authentication
  •    White Listed IP Access
  •   Role-based Access Privileges & Control
  •    HTTPS Support for Wild Card SSL
  •   Selective rights enabling / disabling for Users
  •   Data Encryption for critical Data
  •   Distributed Audit-Log
  •    Last login IP details
  •   CAPTCHA to avoid spam

Billing and Routing

  •   Pre-paid and post-paid billing module
  •   Multi-Currency and Time-Zone Supported
  •   Destination based Routing
  •    Date & Time based Rates Upload
  •   Mobile prefixed Management
  •   Wholesale Tariff Management
  •   Real-time Billing
  •   Blocking & Unblocking Destinations
  •    Low Balance Alert
  •    LCR/Percentage/Fixed Gateway Routing
  •    Destination Cost Simulator
  •    Online Payment Gateway Integration

Platform Independent

Our Messaging applications can be installed and run flawlessly on the platform of your choice, saving you additional infrastructure cost. You can choose between Windows or Open source Linux OS. We recommend Windows 2018 Server or Ubuntu 16.04 Server.

Advance Billing

Our integrated billing module manages master data upload with Country Code, Network Code, Selling Price etc. MCC/MNC code and mobile prefix-based advanced billing module help increase margins by leveraging cost effective routing of SMS traffic. Route Plans can be created using a ready to use template.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic MO/MT routing allows configuring any routing rule without the need of a manual restart or reload, and with the option to set the routing logic based on sender or destination. Dynamic routing also allows to toggle between http and SMPP for upstream and downstream traffic.

Monitoring & Reporting

Queued gateway traffic is monitored using Live Queue Monitoring to detect system congestion. The platform provides real-time reporting including:

  •   Real-Time Log Control Mechanism (RLCM)
  •   SMPP Server and SMPP Client log
  •   ESME wise PDU logging
  •   Real-Time throughput check
  •   Log file rotation based on size and time

Excellent Customer Support

We have a strong team of engineers and technical support executives to ensure prompt response to all your queries. Our support team is available all 365 days a year to extend the best possible support for your business and to facilitate quick resolution in case of any emergency.



B-PAL is a robust Business Support Solution offering a unified and comprehensive management platform for SMS Interconnect Services. It presents a complete suite for billing, rate and policy management, deal and dispute management, order management and automation of the SMS business processes.